Effective Date: June 30, 2021

UPS商店有限公司. (“UPS商店”) respects your concerns about privacy.  本推荐十大正规竞彩平台描述我们通过以下途径获取的有关消费者的个人信息类型 www.theupstore.comwww.upsstoreprintshop.com (“网站”), software applications made available by us for 使用 on or through computers 和 mobile devices (“应用程序),以及您与我们的线下业务互动,比如通过邮件.  我们将网站、应用程序和线下业务交互统称为“服务.”  This 推荐十大正规竞彩平台 also describes how we may 使用 the information, with whom we may share it, 和 the measures we take to safeguard the personal information we collect.  除了, 我们告诉您如何要求我们(i)避免向您发送营销电子邮件通信, 和 (ii) answer questions you may have about our privacy practices.

  • 本隐私声明不适用于我们的母公司联合包裹服务公司., which is subject to its own 推荐十大正规竞彩平台 that can be found 在这里.
  • This 推荐十大正规竞彩平台 does not apply to the collection of consumer information by our franchised center locations.
  • For our 推荐十大正规竞彩平台 regarding our information practices with respect to UPS商店’s potential franchise owners, 请访问 http://www.theupsstorefranchise.com/privacy-policy.

If you are a California resident, please see the “Additional Information Regarding California”部分下面, 了解我们收集和使用您的个人信息的更多信息.

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 Information We Obtain

The types of personal information that we may obtain include:

  • Individual 和 business contact information (such as name, 公司名称, 物理地址, 电子邮件地址, 和 telephone or fax number);
  • Payment information (including payment card details);
  • 您与我们的交易信息,例如您购买的产品和服务;
  • Information provided in response to 调查;
  • 用户名, 用于访问UPS Store产品和服务的密码和其他凭据, including information in your public social media profile if you register via a social media website or tool;
  • 如果您通过移动设备访问我们的服务,您的移动设备的地理位置;
  • Information you may upload to our 服务, such as information contained in documents you upload for printing services;
  • 个人信息 of other individuals that you provide to us; 和
  • Other personal information that may be provided to us to obtain a UPS商店 product or service.

我们从您及特许经销商处收集这些个人信息, publicly available databases, providers of small business contact data, 和 our joint marketing partners.  如果您将与他人有关的任何个人信息透露给我们或我们的服务提供商, 您表示,您有权这样做,并允许我们根据本推荐十大正规竞彩平台使用这些信息.

除了, when you visit our 服务 or interact with UPS商店-related 工具, 小部件或插件, we may collect certain information by automated means, such as IP address (from which we may derive your approximate location), unique device identifier, browser characteristics, device characteristics, 操作系统, 语言首选项, 引用的url, information on actions taken, 和 dates 和 times of activity.  When you download 和 使用 an App, we 和 our service providers may track 和 collect App usage data, 例如,您设备上的应用程序访问我们服务器的日期和时间,以及基于您的设备号哪些信息和文件已下载到应用程序.

When you visit our 服务, this information may be collected through “cookies” 和 “web beacons.“cookie”是一种文本文件,发送到访问者的计算机或其他与internet连接的设备,以唯一地识别访问者的浏览器或在浏览器中存储信息或设置.  A “web beacon” also known as an Internet tag, pixel tag or clear GIF, links web pages or applications to web servers 和 may be 使用d to transmit information back to a web server.  Through our automated collection efforts, UPS商店获取并存储“点击流数据”来告诉我们使用模式.

如果你允许, we may collect the physical location of your device by, 例如, 利用卫星, cell phone tower or WiFi signals.  We may 使用 your device’s physical location to provide you with personalized location-based services 和 content.

We also may 使用 third-party web analytics services on our 服务, such as those of 谷歌 Analytics.  这些服务提供商帮助我们分析访问者如何使用服务,并可能收集您使用其他网站的信息, apps 和 online resources.  为此目的而获得的信息(包括您的IP地址和通过自动方式收集的其他信息)将向这些服务提供商披露或直接由这些服务提供商收集.  You can learn about 谷歌’s practices by going to www.谷歌.com/policies/privacy/partners/, 和 exercise the opt-out provided by 谷歌 by downloading the 谷歌 Analytics opt-out browser add-on, 可以在 http://tools.Google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

您的浏览器可能会告诉您,当您收到某些类型的cookie时,如何收到通知,或者如何限制或禁用某些类型的cookie.  请注意, 然而, 没有cookies,您可能无法使用我们服务的所有功能.  我们的服务提供者可能会收集访客网上活动的个人信息, over time 和 across third-party websites, when using our 服务.  我们的服务不是为了响应来自浏览器的“请勿跟踪”信号而设计的.

The providers of third-party apps, 工具, widgets 和 plug-ins on our 服务, Facebook等 “Like” buttons, also may 使用 automated means to collect information regarding your interactions with these features.  此信息受这些提供商的隐私政策或通知的约束.

How We Use The Information We Obtain

We may 使用 the information we obtain to:

  • Provide 和 arrange for products 和 services you request, such as printing 和 package tracking services;
  • Process 和 collect payments;
  • 提供客户支持,回应并与您沟通您的要求, questions 和 comments;
  • Communicate with you about products 和 services we believe may interest you;
  • 交流, 和 administer your participation in, 特别活动, 项目, 在线研讨会, 调查, 竞赛, 抽奖, 和 other offers or promotions;
  • Establish 和 管理 your accounts;
  • Verify your identity;
  • Enable you to post on our blogs;
  • Send information to your contacts if you ask us to do so;
  • 处理我们收到的与您要求的产品和服务有关的索赔;
  • 操作, evaluate 和 improve our business (including developing new products 和 services; managing our communications; determining the effectiveness of our 销售, marketing 和 advertising; analyzing 和 enhancing our products 和 services; 和 performing accounting, 审计, 计费, reconciliation 和 collection activities);
  • Perform data analyses (including market 和 consumer research, trend analysis 和 financial analysis);
  • 防止, identify 和 prevent fraud 和 other criminal activity, claims 和 other liabilities; 和
  • Comply with applicable legal requirements 和 our policies.

除了, UPS商店 使用s information collected online through cookies, web beacons 和 other automated means for purposes such as (i) customizing our 使用rs’ visits to our 服务, (ii)根据用户的兴趣和用户浏览我们服务的方式提供量身定制的内容(包括广告), 和 (iii) managing our business.  We also 使用 this information to help diagnose technical 和 service problems, administer our 服务, identify 使用rs of our 服务, 和 gather demographic information about our 使用rs.  We 使用 点击stream data to determine usage patterns 和 how we may tailor our 服务 to better meet the needs of our 使用rs.


Interest-Based Advertising

对我们的服务, UPS商店或我们的供应商可能会收集关于您的在线活动的信息,用于为您提供针对您个人兴趣的产品和服务的广告.  本节提供详细资料,并解释如何执行您的选择.

You may see certain ads on other websites beca使用 UPS商店 participates in advertising networks.  Ad networks allow us to target our messaging to 使用rs through demographic, interest-based 和 contextual means.  These networks track your online activities over time by collecting information through automated means, including through the 使用 of cookies, web server logs 和 web beacons.  The networks 使用 this information to show you advertisements that may be tailored to your individual interests.  我们的广告网络可能收集的信息包括您访问参与相关广告网络的网站的信息, 比如你浏览的页面或广告,以及你在网站上采取的行动.  This data collection takes place both on our 服务 和 on third-party websites that participate in the ad networks.  This process also helps us track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.  To learn about how to opt out of this ad network interest-based advertising in desktop 和 mobile browsers, 点击 在这里 和 在这里.  To opt out in mobile apps, you may download the AppChoices app 在这里.


UPS商店 does not sell or otherwise share personal information about you, except as described in this 推荐十大正规竞彩平台.  UPS商店 shares personal information with third parties who perform services on our behalf based on our instructions.  我们没有授权这些第三方使用或披露这些信息,除非是为了代表我们提供服务或遵守法律要求.  我们也可能与我们的附属机构、经销商和联合营销伙伴共享信息.

By using the 服务, you may elect to disclose personal information, 例如, 在博客上, 闲谈,聊天, 和 other services to which you are able to post information 和 content.  请注意,您通过服务发布或披露的任何信息将成为公开信息,并可能向其他用户和普通公众开放.  您也可以选择通过您的社交共享活动披露个人信息.  If you register via your social media account, 您将与您的社交媒体账户关联的朋友分享信息, 与其他用户, 和 with your social media account provider.  通过注册, you authorize us to facilitate this sharing of information, 和 you underst和 that the 使用 of shared information will be governed by the social media provider’s privacy policy.

Information collected through third-party apps, 工具, 小部件和插件(例如通过第三方登录服务获得的信息或与您使用Facebook“Like”按钮有关的信息)由这些功能的提供者直接收集.  此信息受特性提供者的隐私政策的约束, UPS商店不对这些供应商的信息操作负责.

如果法律要求,UPS商店也可能披露关于您的信息(i), regulation or legal process (such as a court order or subpoena); (ii) in response to requests by government agencies, such as law enforcement authorities; or (iii) when we believe 信息披露 is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss or in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity.  UPS商店有权转让与出售或转让我们的全部或部分业务或资产(包括在重组的情况下)有关的我们所掌握的关于您的任何信息, dissolution or liquidation).


您可以选择不接收我们的营销电子邮件通信通过点击取消订阅链接在我们的营销电子邮件.  要了解如何选择退出广告网络基于利益的广告,请点击 在这里 和 在这里.  To receive no further marketing calls or text messages from us, please contact us as described in the “如何联络我们”部分下面.

Non-UPS商店 Places 和 服务

For your convenience 和 information, 服务可能包含非UPS商店场所的链接,这些场所可能由与UPS商店无关的公司运营.  The inclusion of such links does not imply endorsement of the linked site or service by us or by our affiliates.  These companies may have their own privacy policies or notices, which we strongly suggest you review.  我们不负责任何非UPS商店场所或服务的隐私实践.

除了, we are not responsible for the information collection, 使用, 信息披露, or security policies or practices of other organizations, Facebook等, 苹果, 谷歌, 微软, RIM, or any other app developer, 应用提供商, 操作系统 provider, wireless service provider, or device manufacturer, including with respect to any Personal Information you disclose to other organizations through or in connection with the 应用程序.

How We Protect Personal Information

UPS商店 seeks to 使用 reasonable administrative, technical 和 physical safeguards designed to protect personal information within our organization.  不幸的是,没有任何信息传输或存储系统可以保证100%的安全.  如果你有理由相信你和我们的交流不再安全, 请立即按照下面的“如何推荐十大正规竞彩平台”部分通知我们.

Use of 服务 by Minors


Updates To Our 推荐十大正规竞彩平台

This 推荐十大正规竞彩平台 may be updated periodically.  The “Effective Date” legend at the top of this 推荐十大正规竞彩平台 indicates when this 推荐十大正规竞彩平台 was last revised.  当我们在服务上发布修改后的推荐十大正规竞彩平台时,任何更改将生效.  UPS商店 will notify you of any significant changes to our 推荐十大正规竞彩平台 as required under applicable law.


如对本隐私声明有任何疑问或意见,请电邮至 infosectupss@upsstore.com.  You also may write to us at:

Attention:  Legal Editor
6060 Cornerstone Court West
San Diego, CA 92121-3795


We do not sell Covered Information as defined under Nevada law.  If you would like to make any inquiry regarding the sale of your Covered Information, please contact noreplynv@upsstore.com.

Additional Information Regarding California

Pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”), 我们正在提供以下关于我们收集的加州居民的个人信息类别的额外细节, 使用, 并披露.

Collection 和 Disclosure of Personal Information

下面的图表详细说明了我们计划收集的个人信息的类别, 以及我们在过去12个月内为经营业务目的而收集和披露的个人信息类别.  我们从您及特许经销商处收集这些个人信息, publicly available databases, providers of small business contact data, 和 our joint marketing partners. 

Categories of Personal Information 为经营业务目的向哪些类别的第三方披露
Identifiers, such as name, address, account name 和 IP address Our affiliates, service providers, resellers, joint marketing partners, 和 shipping carriers (“承运人(s)”)
个人信息, as defined in the California customer records law, such as contact information 和 financial information Our affiliates, service providers, resellers, 和 Carriers
Commercial information, such as transaction information 和 purchase history Our affiliates, service providers, resellers, 和 joint marketing partners
Internet or network activity information, such as browsing history 和 interactions with our website Our affiliates 和 service providers
Geolocation data, such as device location Our affiliates 和 service providers
音频、电子、视觉和类似信息,如通话和视频记录 Our affiliates 和 service providers
专业或与就业相关的信息,如工作经历和以前的雇主 Our affiliates 和 service providers
Inferences drawn from any of the personal information listed above to create a profile or summary about, 例如, an individual’s preferences 和 characteristics Our affiliates 和 service providers

We do not sell 和 have not sold personal information within the preceding 12 months for purposes of the CCPA.  We do not sell the personal information of minors under 16 years of age.

Use of Personal Information

We may 使用 personal information to operate, 管理, 和 maintain our business, to provide our products 和 services, 和 to accomplish our business purposes 和 objectives, as described above in this 推荐十大正规竞彩平台, 在“How We Use The Information We Obtain.”


If you are a California resident, you may make the following requests:


You may request that we disclose to you the following information covering the 12 months preceding your request:

  • 我们收集有关您的个人信息的类别以及我们收集该等个人信息的来源类别;
  • The specific pieces of personal information we collected about you;
  • The business or commercial purpose for collecting personal information about you; 和
  • 我们以其他方式共享或披露的有关您的个人信息类别, 和 the categories of third parties with whom we shared or to whom we disclosed such personal information (if applicable).

(2) 请求删除

You may request that we delete personal information we collected from you.

To make a Request to Know or a 请求删除, please contact us at /privacy-policy/consumer-privacy-request or 1-.  如果您代表UPS商店的企业零售解决方案(CRS)客户之一,并希望提出与您的客户或其他终端用户相关的请求, please 使用 the form provided at /privacy-policy/crs-privacy-request.

We will verify 和 respond to your request consistent with applicable law, 考虑到个人信息的类型和敏感性的要求.  我们可能需要您提供额外的个人信息,如身份确认(e.g., 驾照, passport or utility bill), in order to verify your identity 和 protect against fraudulent requests.  If you make a 请求删除, 在删除您的个人信息之前,我们可能会要求您确认您的要求.  

You have the right to be free from unlawful discrimination for exercising your rights under the CCPA.

除了, to the extent required by applicable law, 加州居民可能要求我们向他们提供(i)我们在上一历年为直接营销目的而向第三方披露的某些类别的个人信息的列表, 和 (ii) the identity of those third parties.  如欲提出此要求,加州居民可在“如何联络我们”一节以上.

    • 我们收集有关您的个人信息的类别以及我们收集该等个人信息的来源类别;
    • The specific pieces of personal information we collected about you;
    • The business or commercial purpose for collecting personal information about you; 和
    • 我们以其他方式共享或披露的有关您的个人信息类别, 和 the categories of third parties with whom we shared or to whom we disclosed such personal information (if applicable).


如果你想作为加州居民的授权代理人提出请求, you may 使用 the submission methods noted above.  作为我们核实过程的一部分,我们可能要求您提供(如适用):

  • Proof of your registration with the California Secretary of State to conduct business in California;
  • 根据《推荐网上十大正规赌平台》第4000-4465条,加州居民的授权委托书;
  • Written permission that the California resident has authorized you to make a request on the resident’s behalf.  此许可必须由加州居民签署(通过实体或电子签名).

如果您代表加州居民提出了解请求或删除请求,但没有根据《推荐网上十大正规赌平台》第4000-4465条向我们提供该居民的授权委托书, we may also require the resident to:

  • 向你提供一份由该居民签署的书面许可,以该居民的名义提出要求了解或要求删除;
  • Verify the resident’s own identity directly with us;
  • Directly confirm with us that the resident provided you permission to submit the Request to Know or 请求删除.

Metrics regarding Privacy Requests

Please see the chart below for metrics relating to our h和ling of California rights requests in the period from January 1, 2020, 至12月31日, 2020.

请求类型 Number of Requests Received Number of Requests Complied With (in whole or in part) Number of Requests Denied Mean Days to Substantive Response
要求知道 24 14 10 38.3
请求删除 50 34 16 30.2
请求退出 6 6 0 19.5
Do Not Sell My Personal Information* n/a n/a n/a n/a

* We do not sell 和 have not sold personal information within the preceding 12 months for purposes of the CCPA. We do not sell the personal information of minors under 16 years of age.

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